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The KPFT Local Station board election deadline has been extended.We still need over a hundred more ballots from our members to validate this election. If you haven’t filled out your ballot, you have until January 4th at 1059 p.m.

Many of our members are choosing to utilize the new online voting system! If your email was listed in our records, you should have received 2 different emails with your same voting code. Run a search on your inbox for the words KPFT BALLOT. The emails were sent by Pacifica Foundation on Oct. 22 and Nov. 9.

Paper ballots should have been received sometime in November. Your paper ballot materials also contain your unique voting code, which you can use to cast your vote online.

You can request a replacement ballot at the elections website: Here, you can choose to request an email with your voting instructions and unique code or you can request an additional paper ballot be printed and sent to you. But please get your paper ballot requests in BEFORE Wednesday, December 23rd.

Again, the KPFT LocaL station board election has a NEW DEADLINE of January 4th, so please look for your ballots and get them in as soon as possible.

Email with questions. Or call and leave a message for the local election Supervisor, at 713-526-4000 ext 313.

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