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Sunday, 21 May 2017 10:30am
Social Brunch with Amy Goodman
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For our most generous donors, Amy Goodman will also appear at intimate social brunch in the home of longtime volunteer programmer Leo Gold. To attend, you can join our ‘Thousand-aires’, major donors who support KPFT with larger donations, helping us avoid spending so much time in pledge drive.

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Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! will be in Houston on Saturday May 20, 2017 @7:30 PM at the Emerson Unitarian Church to speak about her newest New York Times bestseller, Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America.

Please join us for an evening of information, insight and unique perspectives as Amy speaks about her latest book. This is a KPFT fundraiser, so come out, show your support and be a part of something awesome!

In 1996 Amy Goodman began hosting a show on Pacifica Radio called Democracy Now! to focus on the issues and movements that are too often ignored by the corporate media. Today Democracy Now! is the largest public media collaboration in the US, broadcasting on over 1400 public television and radio stations around the world, with millions accessing it online at Now Amy, along with her journalist brother, David and co-author Denis Moynihan, share stories of the heroes—the whistleblowers, the organizers, the protesters—who have brought about remarkable change.

Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America looks at the powerful movements and charismatic leaders who are re-shaping our world. Goodman takes the reader along as she goes to where the silence is, bringing out voices from the streets of Ferguson, to Staten Island, Wall Street, South Carolina to East Timor—and other places where people are rising up to demand justice. Democracy Now! is the modern day underground railroad of information, bringing stories from the grassroots to a global audience.

So, please join us!

May 20, 2017 | Saturday | 7:30 pm
Emerson Unitarian Church
1900 Bering Dr,
Houston, TX 7705

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, please follow the link below:



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