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Celebrate Pacifica today Thursday, March 2, 2017
6:00 AM ET to Midnight ET. Pledge your support here

As we enter a new world of the Alt-right and alternative facts, the Pacifica Radio Network is more committed than ever to bringing you news that is fact-based, speaking truth to power, and documenting the revolution.

Radio is the perfect medium to change hearts and minds, and Pacifica Radio has been at the forefront of progressive, listener-powered radio since its inception in 1946 by pacifist journalist Lewis Hill. He believed that people would support media that aligned with their core values.

Won’t you be in solidarity with this critical work, and help us preserve Lewis Hill’s vision by listening to, and supporting, Pacifica Radio – Radio for the Resistance!

You can celebrate Pacifica by pledging your support here.
You can call Pacifica at 800-735-0230 to help keep free media alive.
Text 41444 and type in PACIFICA

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