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Open Journal Request Form

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Open Journal Policies

Open Journal is intended to provide media access to the greater Houston community. The program airs 9:30-9:56 weekdays, and hosts must end on time. Open Journal hosts are subject to all the same rules as other programmers. Prospective producers must fill out the Open Journal Request Form completely, and submit a proposed rundown. The Program Director may request more information. The Program Director will assign a date or decline the request. Every attempt is made to assign dates close to timely events when the Open Journal references them.

Open Journal is a service available for listeners of KPFT who are members through their financial support of the station. If you have not supported KPFT in the last 12 months, please contribute today.

No date, especially during station functions, can be guaranteed.

Working With the KPFT Staff Engineer. Open Journal producers/hosts and guests must arrive by 9 a.m. Music will be provided by the engineer. Hosts are to remain in the studio, and may not host from the control room. Our studio is set up for a maximum of four people, including the host. Please do not plan a show with more than a total of four people.

No Precorded Segments. Open Journal producers should focus primarily on live content. Due to various issues KPFT has experienced with host-submitted content/CDs, station management asks that producers not bring in their own music, clips, recordings or submit online segments to be played during the program.

Absences. Absence for two Open Journals in an 12-month period will result in a deferment of producing Open Journal for 12 months from the date of last absence.

Breaks. Open Journal producers/hosts must give during breaks the station ID (KPFT Houston), the time, host name, the program name (Open Journal), the guest and topic.

Profanity. Producers/hosts may not use, nor allow guests/callers to use, profanity on the air. Prohibited words are posted in the studio and control room. If a guest or caller uses offensive language, the producer must end the discussion.

Payola/Plugola/Commercialism. No person responsible for the production or preparation of any program or program matter which is intended for broadcasting on KPFT shall accept money, services or other compensation from any source except KPFT for the inclusion of any matter as part of such program or program matter. No person responsible for the broadcast of any matter or the inclusion of any matter in a broadcast on KPFT shall promote on the air goods or services in which he or she has a financial interest, except as part of a comprehensive events listing, and then only with the approval of the Program Director.

Please do not sign up for Open Journal to do promotion for events. Use our Public Service Announcement form to promote events.

KPFT prohibits free event promotion on Open Journal whose purpose, directly and/or indirectly, is the sale of goods, consultation or services by commercial or for-profit entities. Contact or contextual information distributed on KPFT may not be routed via a commercial or for-profit venture (e.g. a business office or website). Price mentions of any kind are prohibited.

Music Programming. Open Journal hosts acoustic performances with minimal gear only. No electric performances.

Nonpartisanship. Open Journal producers/hosts are forbidden from engaging in any form of partisan lobbying. Open Journals explicitly intended to respond to another Open Journal should be positioned around particular topics of interest instead.

Regularity. Current programmers may produce no more than one Open Journal per year. Any host/producer, organization, topic and/or campaign may produce no more than three times per year. Open Journal is not intended as a monthly slot, and monthly Open Journals are only granted at the discretion of the Program Director. Poor performance, violation of the Mission or On Air Policy, or inappropriate content may result in the producer not being invited back for Open Journal.

Cancellation. Open Journals are subject to postponement or cancellations for breaking news/hearings/national programs, or by the judgment of the Program Director. Failure to abide by station or Open Journal policies may result in cancellation. Failure to arrive by 9 a.m. or unavailability of guests before airtime may result in cancellation. The engineer has the discretion to direct on-air/in-studio operations during Open Journal; failure to abide by engineer instructions may result in cancellation of a program at any time.

On Air Policy
Producers/hosts must follow all FCC rules.
2. Producers/hosts must not engage in attacks or vendettas against any persons or groups based on ethnic origin, cultural heritage, religious affiliation or gender preference.
3. Producers/hosts must not engage in attacks on management, paid or volunteer staff.
4. Producers/hosts must not lobby for issues regarding their employment or their own radio programming.
5. Board members may not demand air time on any program. Their presence is entirely up to individual programmers.

Phone Call Policy
Determine order of callers as appropriate for the show. This includes encouraging gender parity, holding regular callers for new callers, and moving up long-distance calls in priority. One may not leave a caller on hold because of their opinions.
2. Manage callers on air only in the interests of broadcast continuity. This means a host is allowed to remind a caller going off topic to speak on the program's topic.
3. Callers are not permitted ad hominem attacks, FCC-regulate profanity or violations of federal guidelines.
4. Regulate calls fairly. Callers who violate specific policies should be given a warning and only sanctioned after subsequent violations. Hosts are permitted latitude in program production.

Open Journal Rundown

Time (H:MM:SS) Length (M:SS) Format Segment
9:30 0:30 Virtual Cartridge Prerecorded Open Journal mid-show break
9:30:30 7:30 Live Program Content
9:38 0:15 Live Host identifies Station, current time, self, program, guest(s) and topic.
9:38:15 6:35 Live Program Content
9:44:50 0:10 Live Host identifies self, program; says "we'll be right back"
9:45 1:00 Live Engineer's station break
9:46 5:00 Live Program Content
9:51 0:15 Live Host identifies Station, current time, self, program, guest(s) and topic.
9:51:15 4:35 Live Program Content
9:56 1:00 Live/V-Cart Host talks over Instrumental music
9:57 1:00 Virtual Cartridge Prerecorded Open Journal closing
9:58 2:00 Virtual Cartridge BirdNote
Total length 30:00

Program Application

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If you are unable to become a member due to financial or other hardship, please contact the Program Director.