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Lee Dibala, longtime KPFT DJ, has decided to hang up his headphones.

“The Hot Czech” has hosted the Lee Dibala Show overnights on Saturday just before Cajun Bandstand for many years. Dibala, who has worked in construction in the Houston area when not volunteering at KPFT, recently hosted his final Lee Dibala Show.

Dibala is of some local acclaim for his meticulous journaling. Among the facts he’s noted in his decades of taking notes about his life:

  • Since May 1986, Lee has traveled to KPFT about 1,128 times.
  • He’s driven about 101,516 miles in his journeys to KPFT.
  • In his 29 years and 11 months, as a volunteer, Lee has overslept twice and missed his shift.
  • Lee Dibala has spent 4,323 hours on the air.
  • Lee has spent 478 hours helping with fund drives.

You might hear a surprise visit from Lee Dibala on the air in the future. New programming in the 4-6 a.m. Saturday slot will be announced soon.

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