KPFT Programs A-Z

After Hours - Sunday - Midnight - 3 a.m.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Variety.
After Hours is a queer variety show produced by executive producers Chris Arasin , Wesley Lavergne, and regular staff. The show sublets 1-hour slots each week to different GLBT community leaders to bring many monthly viewpoints. Currently those slots include: Bisexual, History, Lesbian, Teen, Leather, and discussions about Transgenderism, drag, charity fundraising efforts, and education. Community news, events, gossip and GLBT music fill the rest of the time. On those lucky months with 5 Saturdays, that show is mainly music - by out gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered artists.

Alternative Radio - Thursday: 5-6 a.m.

Progressive voices from all over the world.
host: David Barsamian

Arab Voices - Wednesday: 7-8 p.m.
Information & Guests about events in the Middle East.
hosts: Said and Mark

Bailando en Tejas - Saturday: 7-9 p.m.
Vintage Tejano.
The program is primarily aimed to the Tejano and Latino people of all age groups. However, it is hoped that individuals from a variety of distinct racial and ethnic groups will listen and begin to appreciate the quality and feeling of this Texas-grown music.
The program aims to educate the younger generation to the richness and variety of Tejano Music.
host: Gus Garza - "Mr. Music Man"

BBC - Weekdays:6-7 a.m. and 8-9:00 a.m.
International News.
hosts: The BBC News Crew

Bluegrass Zone - Sunday: 4-6 p.m. - Bluegrass music and more.
host: Chris Hirsch

Blues in Hi-Fi - Monday: 6-7 p.m.

Blues Brunch - Sunday: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
"Blues Brunch is a blues show representing the only form of music that knows no boundaries be it color, religion, national origin, or other. It is music that was created by blacks in America reflecting their suffering as slaves and laborers. With that said and since part of our mission is to foster peace among the peoples of the world, I feel this show through its music and its diversity, has succeeded and continues to succeed in bridging the gap between listeners of this world, whomever they may be...". This is the reason I had when I first started doing this show ages ago .. and I'm sticking to it....! ".. not to forget that this 'award-winning' show is produced and hosted by a foreign guy.. a Palestinian Moslem at that.."
host: Nuri Nuri, 'The Big Bossman'

Blues on the Move - Sunday: 8-11 a.m.
hosted by Mr. and Mrs. V (and their sidekicks, Nancy & Buddy Love) is an eclectic blues program that covers all genres of the blues but concentrates on soul blues, female based blues and local and Texas based artists. Program highlights include: the Blues legends segment at 10 am (which highlights an important artist in blues history with some educational content), the Ladies segment (60 minutes of female based blues at 9 am--plus our annual Ladies Blues Program in March) and interviews of local and touring acts. Our listening audience has conveyed their appreciation for our "on-air spousal sparring"----although this is neither contrived nor fictional. After 30 years of being together--we simply know what one another is 'thinking' or AT LEAST what they 'should be thinking' and do not hesitate to share said thoughts.
hosts: Mr & Mrs. V

Chestnut Tree (The) - Friday: 2-5 a.m.
An assemblage of experimental music, sound collage, textured soundscapes, field recordings, adverse music therapy and electronic music, often with dark administrative themes.
host: Ayn Morgan

Coming to America - Tuesday: 7-8 p.m.
Hosted by former Houston City Council member and immigration attorney, Gordon Quan, Coming to America explores immigration issues in an outspoken and informed manner.

Community Dialogue - Sunday: 11- Midnight.
host: Clif Smith

Connect the Dots - Wednesday: 3-4 p.m.
News, talk, music, and contemporary affairs, hosted by Minister Robert Muhammad, who leads Nation of Islam Muhammad Mosque 45.

Cultural Baggage - Sunday: 6:30-7 p.m.
Report on the Drug War. Dean Becker of the Drug Truth Network does in depth interviews with prison wardens, prisoners, patients & providers. Tune in for "Name that Drug by it's Side Effects", the "Corrupt Cop Story" from Phil Smith or the "Official Government Truth" from Winston Francis.All shows are recorded and available at
host: Dean Becker

Damage Control - Wednesday: 11:00 p.m.2 a.m.
Damage Control represents the strongest musical community in Houston, the independent rap scene. Through extensive interviews and the playing of music outside the traditional box and off the charts, Damage Control gives a voice to independent artists that they would not have otherwise. With no other outlet even remotely like it in Houston, Damage Control fills a huge void left by the gentrification of corporate radio. We represent blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, men, women, and progressive people of all kinds. The show is like a party where anyone can get down. We discuss issues not normally discussed in the context of hip-hop, without being boring in attempt to beat things into people's heads. We at Damage Control believe information is power, and know that the music we play attracts the people who need information the most.
host: DJ Chill

DEADbEAT - Saturday: 3-6 p.m.
If it were possible to attend concerts all across the country, or even go back in time to catch the best of live performances, perhaps we would not be here. DEADbEAT features archive recordings of very recent and older live performance. The genre' is not to have one - it is true free form radio. Clay Brasher and Sandy Weinmann team up each week to bring you the best of blues, jam, rock, bluegrass, and good old down home pickin'. Mix in the latest releases from artists near and far and it all adds up to DeadBeat... And if that's not enough, count on some good old Grateful Dead and LIVE IN-STUDIO performances from both local and touring musicians. Its a lot to write, but even more to listen to. We tell you to "Dance-a-While ... it won't ruin ya"
host: Sandy Weinmann

Deadthyme - Monday: 2-5 a.m.
Modern noncommercial counterculture music, including punk, goth, industrial and other genres.
host: Jason Beck

Democracy Now - Weekdays: 7-8 a.m. and 5-6 p.m.
Progressive views, news and interviews
Pacifica's flagship progressive news show, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman brings you the news, interviews, and discussion you won't get from the self censoring corporate media. Fiercely independent in their reporting, Amy Goodman and her team are skilled at getting to the heart of an issue no matter who it may be unpopular with. When events are happening they always manage to be on the spot and to convey the excitement and drama of the moment. Check them out.
host: Amy Goodman

Down Home Blues - Sunday 6-8 a.m.
Early morning Blues.
Anne and co-host Genie bring you a variety of blues from the delta to Chicago and everything in between. The focus is on seminal blues artists who personify the traditional music as well as artists who are recreating the style in more contemporary renditions.
hosts: Anne Paget & Genie Mims

Eco-Ology - Tuesday:  3-4 p.m.
A Culture of Solutions. A coalition of solution based citizens from a variety of environmentally-related organizations, focusing on ecological issues, exposing their interdependent relationships.
hosts: Pat Greer/Cathy Conlon

Economic Update - Friday: 6-7 a.m.
On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis. Wolff focuses on wages, jobs, taxes, and debts – and on interest rates, prices, and profits. We aim to explain why certain economic changes are happening and other changes get postponed or blocked and we will explore alternative ways to organize enterprises, markets, and government policies. Economic Update is a weekly show for people who want to understand and change not only their own financial situation but also the larger economy we all depend on..
host: Richard Wolff

Exploration - Monday 5-6 a.m.
An hour long radio program on science, technology, politics, and the environment. It is broadcast each week on WBAI New York City (99.5 FM), and re-aired on stations across the country. More info at
host: Michio Kaku

GenerAsian Radio - Thursday 1-3 p.m.
hosts: Yogi & Alx

Groove (The) - Monday: 11 p.m.-2 a.m.
Rock, Hip-Hop, R & B.
KPFT features the city's premier hiphop and urban music show- The Groove - now celebrating 10 years! Hosted by "The Blastoff King" Bobby Phats along with co-host CareFree, every Monday night rocks with the freshest music around. Giving local urban radio a shot in the arm, The Groove continues to prove there is much better music to be heard than what is being played on mainstream urban radio outlets. Each week brings exclusive, never before heard music from the underground scene, as well as the hottest and most talented names in hip-hop music. Long before audiences knew of now popular artists like Drake, Lupe Fiasco, and Phonte of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange, Houston music fans heard these artists and many others on The Groove - sometimes years before reaching mainstream. Don't expect any hip-hop elitism here. The Groove represents a large variety of hiphop from many different regions and countries. Expect to hear a good dose of progressive/alternative soul and r&b. Bobby loves to infuse lots of fresh sounds every week. Great interviews with local and national artists, guest mixing from Houston's hottest DJ's and alot more.
host: Bobby Phats

Growing up in America - Monday: 3-4 p.m.
A lively discussion on pressing childrens issues, timely news topics affecting our youth, and the policies and programs that influence the healthy development of our children. Growing Up in Houston is a production of CHILDREN AT RISK, a well-known local non-profit organization dedicated to research, public policy, law and collaborative action on behalf of Houstons Youth.
host: Dr. Bob Sanborn

Her Sex, Her Health with Dr. Alexandra Simotas— Fridays 7-7:30 p.m.
This medical call in show is different than any other one out there. Free of any corporate or political obligations, Dr. Simotas provides you with truthful and insightful answers about your health care and informs you of the best and worst current practices in medicine. From up to date medical news to medical scams, this program puts your interests first! Refreshing, candid and entertaining!
host: Alexandra Simotas, MD

Howlin' the Blues - Sunday: 2-4 p.m.
A contemporary blues program showcasing the continued evolution of the blues genre. Expect to hear the latest and best new blues releases, with an occasional trip to the blues vault to honor where it all came from. Program highlights include information on artists' backgrounds and their careers, educational historic blues tidbits, as well as live in-house interviews and performances by local and national touring artists. The music calendar, compiled weekly by The Blues Hound, is arguably one of the most comprehensive listings in the greater Houston area. In an effort to spotlight the area's vibrant live music scene, many of these upcoming performances, as well as ticket giveaways, are show mainstays. It's like The Blues Hound always says, "If you don't tune in and you miss something, it's your own damn fault".
hosts: 'The Blues Hound' & 'Baby Girl'

iMC Radio (Houston Indy Media News)- Friday: 7:30-8 p.m.

Inner Side (The) - Thursday: 10:30-11 p.m.
Scooterbilt Satire.
host: Scooter

Interchange - Monday: 8-9 p.m.
Inner Growth * Outer Change.
How do we facilitate meaningful interchange which is dialogue - based on acceptance not conversations - that are rooted in tolerance. How do we create sustainable leadership & human transformation for individuals and organizations. How do we create authentic involvement that leads to real implementation. How do we together each week engage partners that can inspire and facilitate communities of knowledge and action.
host: Larry Payne

Irish Aires - Saturday: 6-7 p.m.
Irish Aires is a music show that plays a wide variety of Celtic music from Black 47 to traditional Clare fiddlers. Weekly upcoming local Irish/Celtic community events are announced. Also, Irish Poetry, Irish language lessons & updates on the political situation in northern Ireland are regularly featured. More about the show can be found at:Irish Aires.
hosts: Jay Dooling, Pete Little, Emily Standish, Bill Galbraith

Jazz Latino - Monday: 10-11 p.m.
Jazz Latino is a program dedicated to the exploration of Latin Jazz from around the musical world. Artists you might not have heard of before but will enjoy for years to come. From hard hitting big band to a soft bolero to a fusion of Flamenco and Jazz, it will be a musical adventure. [three-hour edition Thursdays on HD3]

KPFT News - Weekdays: 4-4:30 p.m.

"Local News in a Global Context."
host: Tucker Wilson

Law and Disorder - Wednesday: 5-6 a.m.

Laurapalooza - Friday: 11 p.m.-1 a.m.
"Music for Pacificans." Roots rock, contemporary folk, and blues. Mostly new releases from the KPFT Music Library. Laura is the station's Music Department Liaison (the contact person for new music submissions for the Music Library). She also works Monday through Friday as Morning Operations Coordinator.
host: Laura Slavin

Lee Dibala Show - Saturday: 4-6 a.m.
Czech Polkas and such.
host: Lee Dibala

Life in Focus - Sunday: 7:30-8 p.m.
Life In Focus presents lively, diverse and sometimes controversial topics. Life In Focus airs the brilliantly incisive political commentary by Death Row immate Mumia Abu Jamal each week. Life In Focus features current events, the Black World, politics, economics, women issuses, health, music, art and relationships...all with an Afro-centric flavor. Sistah Anelle has a no nonsense cut-to-the-chase style that brings forth the truth of the matter. It is provocative and simply good radio. Tune in every Sunday night at 7:30 pm. SisterSpace...for women AND for men.
host: Anelle Williams

LivingArt - Thursday: 6-7 p.m
LivingArt is a community art program which hosts performances, interviews, talkback, and discourse with community artists from around Houston. LivingArt gives voice to community poets, writers, theatre groups, performance artists, visual artists, car artists, just about any type of artistic personal and political expression. The show is designed to engage, educate, promote, and advance art and artists in the Gulf Coast region.

Lone Star Jukebox - Saturday: 9 a.m.-Noon.
Texas and Local Music - The Lone Star Jukebox, hosted by Rick Heysquierdo, presents a diverse range of music from genres including Alternative Country, Americana, Border Ballads, Folk and Roots Rock. This show frequently features live in-studio performances and interviews by local and regional artists. Past guests on the Lone Star Jukebox include Tom Russell, Dave Alvin, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Billy Joe Shaver, Robert Earl Keen. The Stone Coyotes, Aztex, Jack Ingram, Adam Carroll, Shake Russell, Dana Cooper, Patricia Vallone, Jesse Dayton, Trish Murphy, and many more. Stay tuned for ticket giveaways - - and you might hear Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and some classic Bruce Springsteen.
host: Rick Heysquierdo

Monitor (The)- Monday: 7-8 p.m.
News and Analysis.
Topics: The Monitor delves into many national and international topics of interest, including war & peace, corporate corruption, politics, media, global debt and wealth disparity, the Middle East, the US intelligence apparatus, gender issues, and voting verifiability. Previous guests include: Kevin Phillips, Joseph Wilson, John Dean, Joseph Stiglitz, Daniel Ellsberg, Molly Ivins, Seymour Hersh, Arianna Huffington, David Cobb, Helen Thomas, Gore Vidal, Robert Fisk, James Bamford, Scott Ritter, Medea Benjamin, Jim Hightower, Ted Rall, Michael Parenti, Kate Kendall, Laura Flanders, Chalmers Johnson, Amy Goodman, Robert Parry, William Rivers Pitt, John Sayles, Ray McGovern, Pratap Chatterjee, Ellie Smeal, Lou Dubose and Howard Zinn.

Music Without Borders - Monday 1-3 p.m.
World Music with Jane Cummins.

Night Sounds - Saturday 1-4 a.m.
Live, Original, Local, and other Texas music
hosts: Pat and Rosie

Nuestra Palabra - Tuesday: 6-7 p.m.
Join hosts Tony Diaz, Liana Lopez and Bryan Parras every Tuesday from 7:30-8:30PM on 90.1FM. Nuestra Palabra brings you interviews with leading authors and new voices in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memorias, teatro and musica with insights into the Latino Literary Renaissance in all its splendor. Enjoy special segments on issues impacting education, art, and culture in Houston, the nation, and the world, and more, always mas.
Nuestra Palabra is broadcast in English and Spanish.

Open Journal - Weekdays: 9-10 a.m.
Various Public Affairs and more

Pan-African Journal - Sunday: 8-9 p.m.
Featuring historical speeches, community events and current debates, Pan African Journal's Akua Holt and crew bring listeners a progressive perspective from the African Diaspora.
host: Akua Holt

Partisan Gridlock - Friday: 3-4 p.m.
Everything you're not supposed to talk about on a date: Politics, law, science, religion, and whatever else is on your mind.
host: Geoff Berg

Pe-Te's Cajun Bandstand - Saturday: 6-9 a.m.
Cajun and Zydeco Music.
hosts: Pe-Te & Crew

People of Earth - Thursday: 9-10 p.m.
Native American radio show was created to provide Pacifica Native and non-Native people with timely news and information about native culture, news and realities. The people explores the roots of problems challenging Native people and helps radio listeners understand the interconnectedness between the Native and the non-Native world.
The people provides the best in Indigenous thinking and perspectives sharing the ideas and solutions developed by Native people, from health to treaty rights, from sovereignty to healing. If it's Native we are there. We are a collective representing many Native American Nations.
host: Jacquelyn Batisse.

Politics Done Right – Mondays: 9-10 p.m.
This is the progressive program that will take the mystery out of politics. This is the program that will encourage you to make sure government becomes we the people. Whether you are Liberal, Conservative, or otherwise you get to air your point of view. web:  - facebook: - email: - twitter: @EgbertoWillies
host: Egberto Willies 

Prison Show (The) - Friday: 9-11 p.m.
Prison issues, Call-in from inmates' family members.
The Prison Show is a live radio program airing Fridays at 9pm Central Time on KPFT FM 90.1 Houston, streaming at Kathryn Griffin-Townsend and The Prison Show Gang use the first hour to discuss issues of interest to convicts. The second hour features shout-outs from family and friends in the free world to their loved ones behind bars. Co-producers are Virtle Bennett and David Collingsworth. The chief engineer is Frank Dewey. The Prison Show was founded in 1980 by ex-convict Ray Hill, who produced and hosted it for three decades. He remains involved as a trusted advisor. Lobbying by The Prison Show was instrumental in persuading the Texas Legislature to approve the installation of prison payphones for convicts in 2007. Texas was last state to do so. -

Progressive Forum - Thursday: 7-9 p.m.
Political and local issues, Interviews.
The Progressive Forum is a weekly radio program dealing with issues, such as politics, human rights, globalization, the environment, and other peace and justice concerns, from a progressive perspective. The Progressive Forum airs on Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. on KPFT (90.1 fm) / Pacifica Radio in Houston. We do interviews with and run speeches by a variety of activists, scholars, and writers, from the local to the international level. In addition, we have regular weekly features, such as commentaries by Matthew Rothschild, a "This Week in History" segment, the news, and a feature on women's issues called "A Bird's Eye View."
host: Wally James

Proyecto Latino Americano - Tuesday: 9-10 p.m.
Political Affairs for Spanish Speakers.
host: Henry Cooper

Pure Vibz - Thursday? 2-5 a.m.
Pure Vibz is a Caribbean music show, that focuses on music from all of the islands that make within the Caribbean. You will hear Soca, Reggae, Calypso, Chutney, and Zouk, to name only a few genres. Accented by the perfect mix of information, music and pure island vibes, Pure Vibz looks to establish itself as a staple of the Caribbean community.
host: Supah Neil

Queer Voices - Monday: 9-11 p.m..
Gay & Lebian / Bi-Sexual and Transgender Issues.
Queeer Voices taps the pulse of both the local and national GLBT community, providing insightful interviews and thought provoking commentary. Queer Voices also includes a monthly Queer Music Heritage (QMH) segment, and weekly news and views from the nationally syndicated "This Way Out program". Long time Houston Activist, committed shorts wearer, and former Executive Director of the Houston Pride Committee Jack Valinski produces Queer Voices, with co-producer assistance from Texas Triangle columnist, Endora wannabe and Joan Crawford fan extraordinaire, Jone Devlin. Q-Patrol President and unapologetic nudist Glenn Holt acts as Chief Engineer, and his skill at pushing buttons, both on and off mike, is unparalleled. Award winning Music Producer JD Doyle, along with creating and producing QMH, provides most of the music used on the show.
hosts: Jack Valinski, Jone Devlin & Glen Holt

RadioACTIVE - Friday: 1-3 p.m.
hosts: Phil and Rhonda

Reach Out in the Darkness - Tuesday: 11 p.m.-2 a.m.
60's Retro - All Vinyl. "Reach out in the darkness" endeavors to recreate the vibrations, special energy and spontaneity of the 1960's, a time of considerable growth for Pacifica.
The program spins the sounds of that era, played from the original vinyl and served up in that good old free-wheeling underground radio format from which it sprang. Unknowns are presented along with all the favorites. Local and State artists from the time are featured. Tune in for the best in demographically incorrect radio!
hosts: The Vinyl Avenger, Yankee Mike, & High Flyin' Ryan

Scholars' Circle - Tuesday: 5-6 a.m.
A broadcast discussion that features a moderator and three top thinkers/scholars who tackle current events and systemic issues within the broader context of the deeper phenomena that drive and shape those events. Where are we in the great scheme of things? How did we get here and what do these mean for the future of humanity? The program goes beyond current events to look at deeper trends and their causes, systemic and structural forces, and to explore possible solutions to the many issues facing humanity.

Self-Determination - Sunday: 9-11 p.m.
Why "Self Determination"?: first of all it is a concept, something to slowly creep up on your consciousness and force one to consider it. It hits like a sledge hammer, yet it is also subtle, and is much more complex than it would appear on the surface. It speaks particularly to Black people, yet at the same time it is truly universal. The more I study and examine how the world works, the more convinced I am that we all are having a game run on us. Our almost complete ignorance of this fact continues to fuel our powerlessness and easy acceptance of the quasi-slavery to which we are presently subjected in this illusionary place of space and time. My probing declares that we, who consider ourselves weak provide the power to the ruling class. We who consider ourselves broke and poor provide the money that turns their world. The education proscribed for us teaches acceptance and easy contentment. If what the world needs now is love, self-determination is arguably in second place.

Son Pacifica - Tuesday 10-11 p.m.
Son Pacifica features the best and the last of the Progressive, Urban, Popular Latino Music as well as the greatest Tropical Sounds and the Regional Folkloric from the roots of Mexico, Latino America and all over the World, join us and enjoy the best one hour of Latino Music in the Radio, every Tuesday at 10 pm.
host: Alfonso Rivera

Songlines - Monday Midnight-2 a.m.
Eclectic music.
Dialogue and Stories via Music from all over the world. Different cultures and Musical languages and Expressions. Music, Prose, Poetry shaped to allow Musicians and Audience and Programmer to examine themselves and their World - Sort of a "Talkshow with Soundtrack"
host: Clif Smith

Song Writers' Studio - Sunday 6-6:30 p.m.
host: Tom Tranchilla

Soular Grooves - Saturday - 9 p.m.-Midnight
Soular Grooves features DJ Sun, Melodic, Suma, and Lil Tiger spinning the latest in soul, jazz, & groove. The show airs between 9pm and midnight CST on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, Texas. From 9pm -11pm we play individual tracks. Every week at 11pm we feature a one-hour live mix from one of the Soular Grooves DJs.
host: 'DJ Sun' (Andre Sam-Sin)

Sound Awake - Tuesday: 1-3 p.m.
Fighting tired radio since 1996, Sound Awake offers two hours of Intelligent Freeform Pop, from the deepest oldies to the choicest indie, featuring your alternative dance favorites from the '80s and surrounding eras in the CLASSIC CLUB HOUR at 2.
host: Jeffrey Thames [King of Grief]

So, What's Your Story? - Thursday: 10-10:30 p.m.
People do love a good story. Perhaps it’s the poignancy of a personal narrative? Maybe it’s the fun and frolic found in a fable or folktale? What about the lingering legends and magical myths that keeps customs and traditions alive? Each So, What’s Your Story will spotlight a storyteller with engaging theme-centered tales that can connect a community better and faster than any method of human expression. Because everyone is a natural storyteller, guests will range from the very seasoned professionals to those fresh out of the gate, to some who don’t even know they are telling stories while they are telling them. Most guests will be live or pre-recorded. Some guests will send in CD’s of their work. Entertaining, informative and upbeat banter, complemented by educational segments devoted to responding to listener’s write in questions about how to tell, learn, and find stories will enhance the flavor of the show.
host: Hank Roubicek

Spare Change - Saturday: Noon-3 p.m.
Spare Change is a music program that uses artists that are seldom heard together.
There is no format to speak of, but the focus of the production is to allow the listener to participate in a form of "free association." Tune in anytime during the show and allow your senses to be treated to a variety of sounds and rhythms that make your world a more interesting place to be. -
host: Larry Winters - your friend and mine

Sweet Nightmares - Thursday: 11 p.m.-2 a.m.
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Gothic.
host: Bill Bates

Technology Bytes - Wednesday: 8-10 p.m.
Computer issues & Call-in. Technology Bytes is a computer and technology call-in show. The focus of the program leans towards a live radio computer help desk. Though, we also debate about technology and the people who try to shape it for the rest of us.
hosts: Jay Lee, Peter Hughes. Barrett Cannon, Dwight Silverman and phliKtid.

Thinkwing Radio - Monday: 9-10 p.m.
Thinkwing Radio is a public-affairs show that endeavors to be open to reasoned (even opposite) opinions, based on two premises: an educated electorate is a prerequisite for a democracy; and you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Topics can be on politics, technology, science, space exploration, environment, or anything else.

Thresholds - Thursday: 3-4 p.m.
Progressive & Environmental Issues. Thresholds brings to the air people who are actively engaged in projects in Houston or the nation that show promise of providing an opening to a future that transcends the limitations of our disintegrating class structured society. The hosts, John McNamara and George Reiter see themselves as actively engaged in supporting and helping organize those efforts. We have supported groups and individuals working to clean the air in Houston, end corruption in the political process, end gun violence, create sensible transportation plans, create sustainable agriculture and energy use, and transform the way we raise children.
hosts: George Reiter, John Profitt & John McNamara

Vegan World Radio - Tuesday: 8-9 p.m. 

Telling the story of the vegan revolution that's saving the animals, the planet and our health. The World is going vegan. Tune in to Vegan World Radio to find out why you should too. Animal agriculture is unsustainable in that it contributes more to greenhouse gasses than any other human endeavor and contributes to world hunger, animal cruelty and is the foundation of violence on this planet. Hear the voices that are changing the world on Vegan World Radio.
hosts: The Vegan World Radio Collective: Anuj, Avon, Jerrilyn, Pamela, and VeganX .

Voices at Work - Friday: 8-9 p.m.
Labor Issues.
Radio for workers and by workers. Each show is a mix of labor news, music and interviews with members of the labor movement. Listeners are invited to participate in our discussions. Each week there will be an hour of labor news and music. There will be interviews with individuals involved with all aspects of the labor movement, such as prominent activists, historians, leaders and educators. Our program depends on our listeners.

Voz de la Tierra - Wednesday: 2-5 a.m.
Voz de la Tierra is a Spanish-language program about the situations of the original nations that compose what we now call the Americas. Originally called Anahuak or the Island of Tortuga, On La Voz, we will share the culture of the diverse ethnic groups in all expressions -- poetry, music, history and more. Each show is an informative voyage from the past to the present. -
host: Fili Delgado

Whole Mother - Monday: 6:30-7 a.m.
Mothering Issues
Whole Mother is a show that discusses the political and practical aspects of being a mother today. We hope to form an entire political movement of mothers binding together to protect one anothers' children and the planet. We are Strong, We are Here, Listen to Us!
host: Pat Jones

World Music Express - Friday: 6-7 p.m.

Wide Open Spaces - M-F 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Feeling nostalgic for that performance that introduced you to your new favorite band? Have a look through our facebook interview archives and revisit those songs and interviews anytime. From Mellow Mondays to classic rock Fridays, showcasing non mainstream Americana roots music; indi songwriters and bands with occasional interviews. Click HERE to go direct to our facebook page.

Zydeco pas sale - Sunday 3-6 a.m.
Zydeco Pas Sale warms up Sunday mornings with the best in Zydeco and Cajun music, events and artists, live in KPFT's studios.

Web/HD3 Programs

KPFT offers local programs and BBC programming to owners of HD Radios. Programming is also streamed live via the web, and accessible from our On Demand section of the website.

Electroluv - Friday, 11 p.m.-2 a.m., HD3
A show playing electronica and jam to cap your evenings off right. You will hear a mixture of live concert recordings by the best of todays jam and electronica bands and occasionally a tapers night of CDs of those bands.

Houston Jazz Spotlight - Monday: 10 a.m.-Noon, HD3
Local jazz events, music and more with host Tierney Malone.

The Lomil Truitt Show - Tuesday: 10-11 a.m., HD3
Perception is everything – it can hurt you or help you. Your daily life is full of opportunities to where your perception will rule what you do. The Lomil Truitt Radio Show brings perception to you through the eyes of various guest and his, as he looks forward to hearing your thoughts from each show. Topics covered are Relationships, Health, Money, and Religion, where Lomil dives into the Longevity, Understanding, and Truth based on Facts and Stability and life challenges and how perception versus reality plays a huge role into all life decisions.

Soul Sessions - Tuesday: Noon-1 p.m., HD3
Focusing on the art of Yogic Philosophy and Naturopathy, Soul Sessions provides discussion and advice for natural methods to relieve every day illness, stress, and depression. This includes advice on handling disease and emotional problems systemic from childhood and adult relationships. Overall, Soul Sessions offers a short discussion of subject matters relating to physical and mental well being and from time to time open dialog with guests relative to the subject (s) the hosts are discussing.

Rag Radio - Wednesday: 1-2 p.m., HD3
Rag Radio is a syndicated radio show that features hour-long in-depth interviews and discussion about issues of progressive politics, culture, and history, often with live performance by noted musicians. Rag Radio is produced in the studios of KOOP-FM, a cooperatively-run all volunteer community radio station in Austin, Texas, in association with The Rag Blog ( ) and the New Journalism Project, a Texas 501(c)3 nonprofit. The show is hosted and produced by Thorne Dreyer, a prominent alternative journalist since the days of the ‘60s underground press and a former general manager of KPFT.

Sounds of Jazz - Thursday: 10-11 a.m., HD3
The Sounds of Jazz with host Garth Jowett brings you the best of new and classic jazz, featuring artist profiles, new releases and a jazz blend of old and new favorites.

Jazz Latino - Thursday: 11 a.m.-2 p.m., HD3
Jazz Latino is a program dedicated to the exploration of Latin Jazz from around the musical world. Artists you might not have heard of before but will enjoy for years to come. From hard hitting big band to a soft bolero to a fusion of Flamenco and Jazz,it will be a musical adventure.

Weltanschuaang - Thursday: 2-3 p.m., HD3
Weltanschuaang (aka. World View) will largely be an analysis of any topics relevant to the human condition as seen thru a mix of scientific, artistic, historical, philosophical, political and ethnic perspectives. Show format will be an hour long and generally include a mixture of talk, dialog, music and poetry.

Making Contact - Thursday: 3:30-4 p.m., HD3
Making Contact is committed to in-depth critical analysis that goes beyond the breaking news. Showcasing voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media, Making Contact focuses on the human realities of politics and the connections between local and global events, emphasizing positive and creative ways to solve problems

Show 1002 - Thursday: 4-5 p.m., HD3
There are literally 1,000 shows on TV, radio and the Internet. What makes Show 1,002 unique is host Chris Legier, who tackles the issues of life that matter to all without deference to race, gender, religious affiliation, political identity, socio-economic status or orientation. Legier aims to make the show is witty, stimulating and have you saying to yourself at the end of each show, "Hmmm...I never thought about it like that."

Money Matters - Friday: 10-10:30 a.m., HD3
The purpose of the show will be to discuss Financial issues in the Houston Community and beyond. It is host Christopher Hensley's aim to reframe the current discussion by taking it away from the numbers and academia. This would be done by focusing on the interview format as well as storytelling and education.

Heartbeat - Friday: Noon-1 p.m., HD3 and Wednesdays: 1 p.m.-3 p.m, HD1/ FM 90.1
Heart of Africa's purpose is to promote African music to a diverse audience of listeners. The show features artists who have performed around the United States and across the world.
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