KPFT Governance Committee Tentative Agenda
Friday, 12 October 2012
Oct. 19th, Friday, 7 PM, 2990 Richmond, 6th floor, on north side of Richmond, between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway 

I Call to Order 

II Roll Call : Wesley Bethune, Jim Boyd, Adriana Casenave, Maria Elena Castallanos, Nancy Hentschel, Joseph Kaye, Robert Mark, Susie Moreno, Drew Patterson, Darelle Robbins, Nancy Saibara-Naritomi, Ted Weisgal Technically members but have not been approved by the Local Station Board yet: Don Cook, Bob Hentschel 

III Approve minutes 

iV Approve Agenda 

V Tentative Agenda 
1..Financial Transparency 
2. LSB Attendance.of LSB 
3. LSB Attendance of LSB Committees 
4. Oversight of Open Journal 
5. Discrimination against ex-convicts 
6. LSB meetings failure to cover committees' reports problem, and failure to reconvene on following Saturday. 
8. Standing Rules Review 
9. Recommendation to cut spending until Pacifica in better financial condition 
10. Handling of staff input 
11. Election of Chair 
12. Election of Secretary 
13. Election of Co-Chair or Vice Chair 
14. Recommendations to PNB and PNB Governance Committee 

V Set Next Date 

VI Adjournment
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