KPFT Local Station Board Members

KPFT's Local Station Board is an elected body chosen by listener-members, volunteers, and staff through a democratic process. To become eligible to vote or to run in the next board election, consider making a donation for $40 or more to KPFT. 

To send a message to a particular delegate below, click on their name. Not all delegates have elected to share their email address with the public.

Listener Delegates
Teresa Allen
Alan Alan Apurim
Nancy Saibara-Naritomi  
Jim Boyd
Melinda Iley-Dohn
Darelle Robbins
Adriana Casenave
Jim Krafka
DeWayne Lark
MariaElena Castellanos
Hank Lamb
Susie Moreno
Phil Collins
Robert Mark
Richard Uzzell
Charles (Doc) Dougherty
Colleen O’Brien
Joseph Kaye

Staff Delegates
Jessica Apolinar

Dr. George Reiter
Joseph Davis

Pacifica National Board Directors from KPFT: 
Adriana Casenave, Hank Lamb, Richard Uzzell, George Reiter

Mr. Dwayne Lark --Acting-Chair.
Ms. Melinda Iley-Dohn -- Secretary.
Mr. Jim Boyd -- Treasurer.

-current as of September 2014-

other resources:
- Committee Meetings Schedule

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