KPFT launches its summer fundraising campaign and we need you.

From August 2-9, KPFT does its summer mini-drive. Most shows have one chance and one chance only to shine during these hot months for KPFT. We rack up many bills this time of year, and your generous support means we can keep the radio station going into the fall.

During the campaign, you can give online or call 713-526-5738. We have a variety of thank-you gifts available during the fund drive. You can also skip the gift and have all the money go to KPFT. Either way, KPFT is grateful for your support.

KPFT features one of its¬†classic t-shirt designs for your pledge of $120 or more. It’s a limited-edition single-run of one of our wildest shirts from way back.


We’re concurrently running an online crowdfunding campaign for our new transmitter. All generous support for it is appreciated.

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