In honor of KPFT’s 44 years of broadcasting, the Houston Press recognized the radio station’s diverse schedule.

In “Happy Anniversary KPFT: 44 Genres for 44 Years,” the Press‘ Chris Gray shared fitting words for the radio station’s broadcast debut, which happened in 1970:

In the realm of contemporary Houston radio, KPFT is an exotic creature indeed. Alongside KTSU and Classical 91.7 — if you’re into that sort of thing — it remains one of the few local FM frequencies that is not artistically and morally bankrupt. Here ideas still mean as much as dollars, even if some of those ideas sometimes piss people off. (Again, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

We were thinking of a novel way to pay tribute to KPFT’s anniversary without having to rehash the times it was bombed off the air by the KKK again, but we didn’t need to. It eventually dawned on us tally up all the different kinds of music the station plays, and stop at 44 because that’s what anniversary this is.

The programs Gray comments on cover a range of genres, including Tejano, punk, hip-hop, jazz, bluegrass, electronica and world music.

A big thanks to Chris Gray and the Houston Press for the recognition, and all their work!

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