Want to do more than just donate to KPFT? Run as a Candidate to serve on KPFT’s Local Station Board before June 30th, 2019. 

Complete the nomination packet by clicking here.

Visit elections.pacifica.org for more information.

Remember to participate as candidate and to vote in the upcoming elections become a member / supporter before June 30th by
pledging $25 or by volunteering at least 3 hours (certified by a supervisor). April 1 – NES Hire

2019 LSB Election Timeline

  • April 1st, 2019 NES Hire
  • April-May Election Preparation, Development of an Election Committee (KPFA based)
  • June 1-June 30 Nomination Phase
  • June 30 Record Date for Membership
  • July 10 Candidate Certification
  • July 12-31 Candidate Debate & CART Video sessions at Community Media Centers
  • August 15 Ballot Phase Begins
  • October 15 Ballot Phase Closes
  • Nov 1 Results Announced


For more information visit: https://elections.pacifica.org

Contact the National Election Supervisor:

Email nes@pacifica.org or 1-510-854-9663 (to leave a message)

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