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Hello KPFT listeners!

Our Winter Membership Drive is coming to a close and we are so close to our $150,000 goal, having raised $120,000 in donations so far.

Thank you so much if you’ve stepped up and supported the station this February. If you haven’t yet taken the pluDonate Buttonnge, there’s still 3 days left to make an easy on-line pledge with this convenient donation button or give a call to 713-526-5738, option 1, to support the shows you love so much.

Please know we appreciate each and every one of our listeners, and that no pledge is too small. As always, we are happy to offer premiums, but know that if you elect not to receive a premium, 100% of your pledge will go to KPFT. If you choose to donate without receiving premiums, then your entire donation is tax-deductible. If you choose premiums then only the surplus of your pledge is tax-deductible.

Below is a little video of some of the premiums we’re offering. And if you are a music lover, we still have a good variety of tickets to concerts that have been donated to the station so we can give them to you as thank you gifts for your donations!

Thank you for your continued support of this very special station. We are so grateful to all of our listeners and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, feel free to email Long live KPFT, Houston’s Community Media!