fidel-castroA celebrated revolutionary and a hated dictator are among the different names and qualifications about the former Cuban president Fidel Castro who died Friday November 25th at the age of 90. His death prompted celebrations in the streets of Miami, Florida, where a large community of Cubans in exile have lived since the 1959 Cuban Revolution brought Castro into power. Others recall the Cuban support during Castro’s regime for struggling African countries who fought for their own independence from European colonial powers.

Cuba will observe a period of national mourning until December 4th when Castro’s remains will be laid to rest.

Click on the link below to hear an excerpt from Castro’s speech for the United Nations in 1960

Click on the link below to hear Castro’s address in Harlem in 1995

For extended coverage on the life and meaning of Fidel Castro, who served his country until he stepped down as president in 2008 in favor of his brother Raul Castro, follow this link to the page of Democracy Now!


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