This year KPFT turns 50. We are proud to have served Houston for the past 50 years and look forward to building upon the past to serve all communities in the Bayou City in a greater capacity. 

As it gets harder and harder to sift through media and hear unbiased reporting, KPFT remains a bastion of hope. Support from donors and organizations gives KPFT the backing it needs to improve its broadcasts so that it may build its listenership and continue to have an impact through its programs that offer an alternative to the media landscape corrupted by Fake News to weaponize facts against authoritarian fictions.

For every Online Cash DONATION OF $25 or more during the month of October, we’ll send you our all new KPFT Keychain!

KPFT now exists in a world in severe crisis. We are determined to maximize our resources so we can better help people survive and become more empowered to forge the changes necessary for a saner and more progressive world. I hope you will stay with KPFT and support us as we continue making improvements and continue bringing you the unique programming you’ve come to expect from KPFT. If you will continue to support us, together we will not only keep KPFT on the air and more useful than ever, we will also help bring about a better world for all.

Your community radio station is committed to staying at the cutting edge – for you, for every person in our community, and beyond.  Please help make this possible with your tax-deductible contribution.

 Your donation MAKES a world of difference

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