Join us at ElectroLuv Fest. Nov 7th at the Last Concert Cafe (map), 5 pm until . . .

A concert event brought to you by Electroluv Radio benefiting KPFT, your community radio station. Featuring:

Heart Byrne – Talking Heads Tribute
A Live One – Phish Tribute
Nameless Horses – rock and roll
The Mitch Jacobs Band, and more…

This show benefits KPFT 90.1, Pacifica community radio for Houston and Southeast Texas. Your community radio.

Companies, individuals, artists, crafters, social groups and others wanting Electroluv-er sponsor treatment can call:
Robin Lewis, Development Director, at 713-526-400

The Electroluv-er package includes on-air, in print, online postings & email blasts reaching 17,000 people and, of course, all our KPFT listeners from down in Galveston up to Huntsville and the Greater Houston area.

Current Electroluv-ers:
FunkyBatz, Preston White, UnclFunkybatz-Logo-v5-ontransparentBGe Hank and Miss Linda, Bill Roberts with Hilton Hospitality and lovely wife Amanda, The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club owner Tom McClendonThe Big Easy

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