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Fat Tony  Rap, hip-hop from 3rd Ward

Somewhere between DJ Screw, Bad Brains, and De La Soul sits Houston’s native son, Fat Tony.

  • This fall, Fat Tony releases Exotica on Carpark Records, a compact iteration of rap short fiction that establishes him as his own one-man genre, the preeminent post-modern griot shooting game.

Amanda Pascali & the Family  Immigrant American folk music from Montrose

  • 2019 Kerrville New Folk finalist
  • “My entire existence was built on resistance… If my father would have never spoken out against the government in his home country, and fled to the United States as a refugee, where he met my mother, also an immigrant in New York, I would have never been born.” – Amanda Pascali
  • Internationally acclaimed, bilingual singer/songwriter and 2019 Kerrville New Folk finalist, Amanda Pascali was born in Queens, New York and is based in Houston, Texas. Amanda’s writing showcases her traditional influences. Accompanied by her “family”, blood related or not, Amanda Pascali has released music and performed internationally, including in Italy, Romania and the United States. She performs solo as well as in a duo, trio, and quartet.
  • Amanda writes music to tell the story of a girl, transplanted from the Corona and Forrest Hills neighborhoods of New York City to the center of Houston, Texas. Amanda was driven from a young age to be a messenger of her family’s stories and diaspora. Her music, now coined Immigrant American Folk, delivers a powerful narrative on being “too foreign for here, too foreign for home, and never enough for both.”

Can’t Tell Us Nothing  Improv & sketch comedy from Houston

  • 2018 Winner of Contest4Improv4Humans with Matt Besser
  • Can’t Tell Us Nothing has performed long form improv comedy for over four years. They are based in Houston, Texas and are members of the Station Theater Improv community. This three-man one-woman troupe performs regularly in Houston and throughout Texas utilizes audience discussion and opinions to inspire comedic characters and scenes in their fast paced shows.

    They have performed in numerous comedy festivals including: Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Austi ( 2019), Dallas Comedy Festival ( 2019), Del Close Marathon, NYC ( 2018) and LA (2019), Diversity in Improv Festival, LA ( 2017).

Call Me Ann Political rock opera about the late Texas Governor Ann Richards

  • Call Me Ann is a rock opera about Texas Governor Ann Richards, and tells the story of her life and influence. The story spans from Ann Richards’ Waco roots to her time as a housewife turned County Commissioner, through to her election as Governor in 1990 and past her 1994 re-election defeat that set the stage for George W. Bush’s election as Governor and then President.

    In addition to the politics and history, learn about Ann’s life as she raised 4 kids, led legendary parties in Austin in the 1970s before getting both sober and divorced in the 1980s, and managed to keep her sense of humor and style as she became a national face of Texas. Molly Ivins, George W. Bush, Karl Rove all appear as characters, and are backed by a full rock band playing original music.
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