KPFT isn’t only a valuable source of music, culture and information, it is a democratically run grassroots media outlet. We turn to you to select our Local Board from the members of our community. Ballots will arrive in your e-mail box (if we have your email address) on Thursday August 15th and have to be returned by October 27th. If we couldn’t find your email address, you will get a postcard in the mail with your voting information.

If you don’t receive your ballot or want to request a different kind of ballot, please let us know by filling out a ballot request form. Click on the link and give us your information.

There are 2 categories of candidates; please review all of the candidates and their statements:

Staff candidates

Listener candidates

(Only station staff may vote for the staff candidate representatives on the local board). Questions?
For more information visit:

Contact the National Election Supervisor:
Email or (510) 854-9663 (to leave a voice mail message)

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