Fill out the form at the end of this page to the best of your ability.

Response time is varied, depending upon a wide array of factors. If your program is approved, KPFT will provide air-time and studio time. KPFT operates on a limited staff and if approved you would be expected to have a board operator, a producer, and a social media operator [A person can do more than one task.]. We can train people to operate our equipment. We encourage every program to include more than one person. 

If you are applying for a music program, in addition to the proposal form we need the following:

  • A Demo Recording on CD. Please, telescope the music. We don’t want the entire piece of music, just the beginning and the end of each piece and your announcing. We are interested in what you have to say about the music, how you sound, whether the musical transitions work, etc… Your recording should reflect the length of the program you are proposing (if you are proposing a two- hour program, figure out the length of each piece of music and create your recording accordingly.)
  • Two Playlists. The first should be of the program on your demo CD. The second should be for a second program.

If you are applying for a public affairs or spoken word program, in addition to the proposal form we need the following:

Demo Recording on CD: The demo CD should be an accurate reflection of what you propose to do, in the time that you are proposing (a 30- minute program requires a 30-minute demo recording). If you plan to do two interviews, we would like to hear two interviews. If it is a documentary, that is what we would like to hear. If it is a panel discussion preceded by a produced feature, provide such. The only thing we do not expect you to produce for a demo cd is a program featuring listener call- ins. If you need help producing your demo cd (i.e. studio time, an engineer, etc…) please email the General Manager,

You must be completely organized when you come in to do your demo. You will be expected to provide your own supplies for the program’s production (music, technical supplies, etc…)

Note: All programs must adhere to the FCC guidelines for decency.

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