We appreciate all the work our programmers do for KPFT’s mission. In order to improve as a station, and to work together, the station needs to know more about our programs and programmers.

Please help us build a complete database of our programs, including short and long descriptions of each show so that we can promote your show on the internet and in print pieces. We need to have complete contact information for everyone so that we can contact you and try to keep you informed and involved.

We hope to grow KPFT in our community, and this is the start of an effort to find more listeners and better promote what we’re all doing here together. We’ll be contacting you for more information and to coordinate better as we move forward with our on-air and digital/social media strategies.

For each program at KPFT, we need someone from that show to fill out the following form completely.

click to fill out our -> KPFT PROGRAMS AND PROGRAMMER SURVEY <-

If you have any suggestions, questions, opinions or problems, please email patrick@kpft.org.

Thank you. We really do appreciate what you do.

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