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Anyone who runs or works out can tell you what most of us know already: music can affect your mood. It can also capture our joyful moments, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or just a long drive with a special someone. We recently asked on social media for your favorite happy songs. Your responses were something special.

Radio makes for a great venue of happy songs. From “Groovin'” by The Young Rascals to Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise,” KPFT listeners recommend many good songs. Listener Dani Louise Stone says the Billy Bragg and Wilco cover of the Woody Guthrie staple “All You Fascists” is not only topical, but gets her head nodding.

Listener Andrew Davis suggested “Drown” by Son Volt for the list.

You all threw out some overlooked tracks too. “Let’s Duet” by Dewey Cox came up, as did “Goods” by Mates of State. One listener checked in with Jimmy Buffett’s “God’s own Drunk.”

Listener Victor Jarvis adds Neil Young’s “Walk On” to the list of jams.

And finally we got a lot of classic songs, but listener Lynne Halstead says Las Cafeteras’ interpretation of Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba” is sweet and sassy enough to land in her mix of tracks that make her happy.

What are your favorite happy songs?

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