Tune in Saturday, November 14, at 10 p.m. for Pacifica Radio’s National Coverage of the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate taking place in Des Moines Iowa. Pacifica’s coverage of the debate commences immediately after the debate wraps up.

This two-hour special will be hosted by Pacifica Radio veteran Suzi Weissman, who will be joined by Pacifica’s Antonio Gonzalez, and a team of field reporters live at the debate site from Pacifica’s Iowa affiliate KHOI.

The broadcast will feature excerpts from the debate itself, commentary from political analysts and activists, as well as interviews with spokespeople from the campaigns. We will discuss the debate, the race for the nomination, as well as the broader politcal/social/economic context of the 2016 election – and, yes, across the two hours we will track and critique how the debate is being “spun” in the blogosphere and in the corporate media.

Join us at for live coverage of the debate.

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