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KPFT has launched a new weekly radio show and podcast on the presidential race, called Undecided.

The elections, the ascension of Donald Trump, the popularity of Bernie Sanders and the issues raised during the campaign have audiences fascinated. Undecided tackles these subjects and more with roundtables, guests and recommendations of podcasts and media that keep people up on the churn.

Undecided airs Tuesday at 4:30 and is delivered on demand via iTunes, Stitcher and podcast.

“The direction of America’s democracy and how it handles the new demands of a diversifying electorate remains unclear,” said KPFT Program Director Ernesto Aguilar, co-host of Undecided. “Undecided seeks to examine the big stories and the ones that deserve more attention.”

Hosted by Aguilar and Cara Anderson, Undecided is a program launched from Pacifica, the veteran radio network with outlets in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston.

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