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The Attitude
Former New Hampshire lawmaker Arnie Arnesen focuses on national policy, politics and the newsmakers who make a difference in our lives, but rarely get discussed.

BirdNote [8:58 AM and 2:58 PM]
A short segment connecting the ways and needs of birds to the lives of listeners.

Common Sense Commentary [8 AM and 4 PM]
Jim Hightower’s daily check-in on politics, corporations and more.

Democracy Now
Pacifica’s flagship progressive news show, the program brings news, interviews, and investigative journalism on national and international issues.

Letters and Politics
Host Mitch Jesserich and guests bring you a look at the inside workings of Capitol Hill while also covering what happens at the legislative level and on the streets.

Open Journal
Morning program, featuring interviews, local music, a local calendar and conversation.

Award-winning news following local, state and national stories important to your community.

The Thom Hartmann Program
The author and award-winning talk show host invites you in for a lively hour of commentary, debate and interviews on the stories making headlines.

420 Drug War News [5:56 AM]
Dispatches from the War on Drugs.


Her Sex, Her Health
Truthful and insightful answers about your health care featuring listener calls and questions, the program informs you of the best and worst current practices in medicine.

The Pulse [HD3, Monday, 1 PM]
Health matters in Houston and Texas by Legacy Community Health.

Whole Mother
A show that discusses the political and practical aspects of being a mother today.


Conversations with solution based citizens from a variety of environmentally-related organizations, focusing on ecological issues and their interdependent relationships.

Dr. Michio Kaku explores with listeners matters of science, technology, politics and the environment.


From the Vault
Each week, the Pacifica Radio Archives highlights unique music, performing arts, history and culture from its vast repository of legendary recordings.

A community art program which hosts artists from around Houston, including poets, writers, theatre groups, performance artists, visual artists, car artists and others engaging, educating, promoting and advancing art and artists in the Gulf Coast region.

Nuestra Palabra
Featuring interviews with leading authors and new voices in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memorias, teatro and musica with insights into the Latino literary Renaissance in all its splendor.

Open Talk [HD3, Saturday, noon]
A program on entertainment and arts, as well as topical discussion.

So, What’s Your Story?
Spotlighting a storyteller each week, the program offers theme-centered tales that can connect a community better and faster than any method of human expression.


Talk covering specific topics and subject areas.

Arab Voices
Information and guests about events in the Middle East, cultural events locally and more.

The Collision
Sports and politics with Dave Zirin and Etan Thomas.

Coming to America
Led by former Houston City Council member and immigration attorney, Gordon Quan, Coming to America explores immigration issues in an outspoken and informed manner.

Community Business Hour [HD3, Tuesday, 1 PM]
Discussions with local business leaders about Houston industry and more.

Cultural Baggage
Reporting on the drug war, the program features interviews with prison wardens, prisoners, patients, providers and many others.

Economic Update
Economics with Professor Richard Wolff and guests.

Growing up in America
A lively discussion on pressing children’s issues, timely news topics affecting our youth, and the policies and programs that influence the healthy development of our children.

The Inner Side
Political commentary through satire, found sound and humor.

Money Matters [HD3, Friday, 10 AM]
The program’s aim to reframe financial issues from the numbers and academia and focusing on the interview format as well as storytelling and education.

People of Earth
A program created to provide Native American and non-Native people with timely news and information about culture, news and realities.

The Prison Show
Featuring criminal justice issues and call-ins from family and friends to loved ones behind bars.

Sin Boldly [HD3, Thursday, 5 PM]
A program deovted to an open-ended conversation on faith issues and Christianity.

Technology Bytes
A computer and technology show, the program leans towards a live radio computer help desk, with debates about technology and the people who try to shape it for the rest of us.

The Wake Up Call [HD3, Wednessday, 7 PM]
The hosts bring listeners a chance to learn about meditation— what is it, why meditate (benefits) and how to.

Vegan World Radio
Telling the story of the vegan revolution that’s saving the animals, the planet and our health.

Voices at Work
A mix of labor news, music and interviews with members of the union movement.


Partisan Gridlock
Host Geoff Berg on local, state and national politics.

Politics Done Right
Intended to take the mystery out of politics, the program welcomes listeners, whether liberal, conservative, or otherwise, to air their points of view.

Thinkwing Radio
Calls and interviews on politics, space exploration, environment and more.

The program focuses on interviews with people actively engaged in projects that show promise of providing a future that transcends the limitations of our disintegrating class structured society.


Black on Both Sides [HD3, Friday, noon]
A program airing historical speeches, contemporary conversations and more.

Community Dialogue
A call-in program on topics of African-American history, culture, current affairs and politics.

Connect the Dots
News, talk, music and contemporary matters, focusing on African-American issues in the Houston and the Gulf Coast region, and beyond.

Conscious Mindset
A program merging health, spirituality, society and philosophy with African-American experiences.

Life In Focus
Politics, economics, women’s issues, health, music, art and relationships, all with an Afrocentric flavor.

Pan-African Journal
Featuring historical speeches, community events and current debates, the program brings listeners a progressive perspective from the African Diaspora.

Sankofa Soulutions [HD3, Wednesday, noon]
Based on the Sankofa concept of “drawing from the past to move forward,” the show features spirited discussion from qualified guests regarding issues relevant to both global and local communities. Furthermore, the show will feature music from different genres within the African Diaspora.


Talk covering a mix of subjects.

Alternative Radio
The program provides information, analyses and viewpoints on public policy, history, news, healthcare and a variety of subjects often seldom covered in other media outlets.

Free Thinker Radio [HD3, Monday, 3 PM]
A program covering underreported news and analysis.

Houston Indy Media
Discussion on local to international political movements and campaigns.

MercyHouse [HD3, Monday, noon]
A program focused on issues of domestic violence and educating women about life skills and other matters.

The Monitor
Delving into many topics, including war and peace, corporate corruption, global debt and income inequality, the Middle East, gender and voting verifiability.

Progressive Forum
A program dealing with issues, such as politics, human rights, globalization, the environment, and peace and justice concerns, from a progressive perspective.

Show 1002 [HD3, Tuesday, 7 PM]
A program covering state and national issues as well as public policy, civic engagement and more.

Tell The World
Covering news, public policy and media.


After Hours
A queer variety show featuring different GLBT community leaders to bring many monthly viewpoints.

Queer Voices
Tapping the pulse of the local and national GLBT community with interviews and commentary. Features a monthly Queer Music Heritage (QMH) segment and more.

Spanish Language

Asamblea Popular de Houston en Radio [HD3, Thursday, 7 PM]
Program by the local group Asamblea Popular de Houston on local and international issues.

Conversando Entre Amigas [HD3, Tuesday, 10:30 AM]
A program focused on matters facing Hispanic women and the community.

La Imagen, La Palabra [HD3, Thursday, 9 PM]
On world literature, film, theater, music and art.

Proyecto Latino Americano
Spanish-language public affairs, covering, local, national and international subjects.

Voz de la Tierra
A Spanish-language program about the original nations that compose what we now call the Americas, featuring poetry, music, history and more.