KPFT airs short announcements that help our listeners find out about events, community resources, or issues affecting the health and safety of the public. Typically 60 seconds, these PSAs must be non-commercial in nature and consistent with the overall mission of KPFT and the Pacifica Foundation.

Guidelines for KPFT 90.1 FM Recorded Announcements

  1. A formal proposal for KPFT 90.1 FM/Pacifica Radio (KPFT) Houston media sponsorship or on-air announcement must be requested and approved at least thirty (30) days prior to airdate.
  2. All scripts must follow Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines (listed below). All announcements are subject to final approval and editing by KPFT 90.1 FM/Pacifica Radio Houston. Please do not attach a press release or flyer for use as a script.
  3. On-air announcements for events and activities in which money is requested or accepted are exclusively for use by non-profit entities. A copy of your organization’s current 501(c)(3) documentation should be attached. State non-profit designation is acceptable as well.
  4. Organizations wishing to promote free events may do so in a PSA. PSAs promoting such events must clearly state the event is free and make no statement intending, inferring or implying financial inducement. KPFT reserves the right to refuse PSAs.
  5. Any reference to corporate underwriting and/or sponsorship may be edited out of the announcement.
  6. PSAs that promote events at locations not accessible for persons with disabilities or which are otherwise not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act must mention accessibility in announcements. KPFT reserves the right to remove PSAs that do not represent venues appropriately.
  7. Other than a scheduled starting date, no specific amount of airtime or rotation of announcements are guaranteed by KPFT. Announcements for KPFT sponsored event(s) and benefits will receive highest priority. Please note recorded announcements generally do not air during on-air fund drives.
  8. For fastest production turnaround, you are encouraged to schedule time with the operations department to produce your public service announcement after your script is approved. We believe that you are the best advocate for your organization. Production time takes approximately ten business days. Remember, production time can be delayed based on amount of edit(s) between organization and KPFT.

PSAs may appear anywhere on our on-air schedule. Those interested in particular placement and businesses seeking to support KPFT are encouraged to review KPFT’s Community Partners program.


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