We are community radio, for the people by the people. We are working to #RebuildKPFT in a way that best serves you, the community. With our vast selection of programming on FM and HD, we aim for intersectionality across race, class, and gender while speaking truth to power in a manner corporate media avoids.

Don’t feel represented? Come by and pitch a show, and be the representation you want to see.

All of our volunteer programmers create a space for everyone to feel like they’re coming back home.

New look, same station

KPFT is in its 49th year only because of the support of listeners like you.

For a $100 pledge, we’ll send you one of our brand new, 100% cotton, KPFT tee with the new Welcome Home logo in either red or gray. Remember! You can divide the pledge over a couple of months.

For a $75 pledge, we’ll send you a brand new, 100 % hemp, tote bag with the new Welcome Home logo.

But whether or not you want a thank you gift, we’d love to be able to thank you for your support!

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