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In addition to its FM grid, KPFT hosts a schedule of simultaneous programming streaming via web and HD radio, and accessible via apps like TuneIn Radio. It is considered FM content by the FCC, and must adhere to the same language, commercialism and station rules as our terrestrial schedule. New programming is considered here.

Interested? Contact the Station  with a bit about your idea with the following information:

  • Name of the program
  • Short description of the program
  • People participating in the program
  • Time/day preferred to air

Potential hosts are expected to sign off on station policies (covering FCC rules, etc.) before the first show and to be present for the show every week.

KPFT is interested in Spanish-language programming as well as programming from KPFT’s diverse communities.

Submit Your Music

Want to submit your music to KPFT for airplay consideration? Here’s how to do it:

First, listen to KPFT and check out our program schedule and playlists. Our hosts have freedom to choose music for their shows, and you’ll get a better idea of the diverse kinds of artists that get airplay here.

If you think your music is a fit, send us a CD for the Music Library.
KPFT maintains a music CD library for its program hosts to consider for airplay. New music is added to the New Releases section in the library on an ongoing basis.

CDs added to the music library are available for programmers to consider for their shows, but airplay is not guaranteed. Send new music submissions to:

KPFT Music Library
419 Lovett Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

Currently, the KPFT music library does not accept digital submissions.

In addition to the initial music library copy, if you would like to send extra music CDs as personal copies for program hosts, send separate packages addressed to the attention of the programs in care of the station address above. Again, airplay is not guaranteed. For further assistance, email or call 713-526-4000.


The KPFT playlists archive reflects airplay for music programs as it occurs. Airplay reporting takes place after the fact for applicable formats.


Artists seeking to have their upcoming live music performances at Houston area venues posted on the Weekly Concert Calendar should email the performance information (artist/band name, name of venue, and date of live music performance at venue) to blueshound(at)kpft.org. The weekly deadline is Thursday at 5 p.m.


To request an on-air interview and/or live music performance, contact the programs’ hosts directly via email. On-air guest scheduling is done by the individual program hosts. Some programs that regularly feature guests are booked months in advance. Due to facility restrictions, the KPFT chief engineer has requested that on-air live music performances be acoustic only.


To provide CDs to be used as membership incentives (thank-you gifts for listener donations during KPFT membership drives), contact the Membership Department at 713-526-4000, x314.

Execution Watch

Airing at 6 PM on dates Texas is scheduled to execute an inmate, Execution Watch focuses on matters of the death penalty.

During fundraising campaigns, Execution Watch airs on KPFT’s HD3 channel.

Unless a stay is issued, Execution Watch is broadcast live at 6.