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Starting Saturday July 15th at 6 AM KPFT will air:

♦ CAJUN BANDSTAND 6 AM to 8 AM:  Pete Little continues this longstanding tradition of Cajun music
Saturday mornings on KPFT.   The show moves from its 7 to 9 AM slot to 6-8 AM

♦ THREE CHORDS and the TRUTH 8 – 10 AM:   Local musician (singer/songwriter) Glenna Bell takes
the reigns for a NEW program which will take you on a musical journey with the heartfelt soul of
Texas singer/songwriters.  Local and National artists may drop in and play live…

♦ NO EXPECTATIONS 10 AM – Noon:   Marcus French provides two hours of Texas roots, rock and roll.
Expect in-studio performances and interviews as well as a musical variety that won’t let you get out of car even when you reach your driveway.

We are excited about this new lineup.  One listen and you will know why.   KPFT moves forward with new shows, new hosts.  Tune in and dance-a-while.  It won’t ruin ya.