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Check out Pacifica’s special programming on Tuesday July 5 and Wednesday July  6 in support of Pacifica’s Radio Archives.

This National 2 day Broadcast and Fundraiser is for the Pacifica Radio Archives.  All 5 Pacifica Stations are banding together to support the Archives in its efforts to preserve our priceless recorded history.  We will be presenting historic Pacifica recordings from important voices such as songwriters Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylon and Van Morrison. Be sure to tune in in Wednesday July 6 from 1-3pm for a KPFT Music Special with Mark Torres, Roark Smith, Townes Van Zandt Sandy Wienmann followed by a special Border Radio show with Susan Darrow. We will also present current News, Public Affairs and Music programming that will be the archival gems of tomorrow

On the 5th and 6th, please make a $250 donation and as a thank you gift,the Archives will send you 1300 hours of Pacifica’s best historic recordings contained on a single USB drive. To make your donation, call 1-800-735-0230 or you can donate securely online at  Your donation on the 5th or 6th today makes it possible for Pacifica Radio Archives to continue to restore and care for this one of a kind collection.