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With the New Year comes an updated on-air schedule for both the FM channel and HD2 going into effect at 12:01am on New Years Day

Check out the revised schedules (click to zoom)

Some new shows have been added: Blues Cat’s Lounge (Sundays 6-8am), R&R (Monday-Friday, 2-4pm), Le Show (Tuesdays midnight-1am), Pacifica Business Talk (Thursdays noon-1pm), The Inner Kid Neighborhood (Saturdays 6-7am), Fifty Years After (Saturdays noon-1pm), and Elevator Prosac (Saturdays 4-6pm).

Some existing shows have moved from FM to HD2 or from HD2 to FM. You can always find the current schedules and playlists for FM and HD2 at KPFT.ORG

Too many changes to list here so the best thing to do is to tune in and add some new shows to your regular listen to KPFT, your Houston Community Media station.