We’ve got it confirmed that the first batch of Memory Bricks will be delivered between October 16 and 20. We’re working to get the ground ready for installing them and will keep you abreast of all progress towards this project.

If you ordered a Memory Brick but have not yet let us know what you want inscribed, please email member@kpft.org with your inscription or call 713-526-4000 ext 4 to discuss. The 4″x8″ bricks can accommodate 4 lines of 21 characters each (84 characters total). The 8″x8″ bricks can accommodate 8 lines of 21 characters each (168 characters total).

There’s still plenty of room for more, so there’s time yet for making your $25/month donation (for the small brick) or $50/month donation (for the large brick).

Reserve your place in the growing KPFT Brick Garden by hitting that “Donate” button, or calling 713-526-5738 Option 1, and becoming a Sustainer member.