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“Black Is” February 21, 2022. Black History Month Lineup, Central Standard Time. Program Topics and Producers below:

  • 8 AM, Walter Turner-Dr. Rinoko Rashidi, KPFA
  • 10:30 AM Jeannine Etter-Dr. Greg Carr Black History Month, KPFA
  • 9AM, MLK Speech from KPFK, Margaret Prescod 
  • 9:30 am Dick Gregory. Dr. E Faye Williams, WPFW
  • 10 AM, Jeannine Etter “One Drop” Rule with Dr. Yaba Blay, KPFA
  • 10:30 AM Prema Jackson-History of Blackface, KPFA
  • 11 AM, Langston Hughes, Pacifica Archives 
  • 11:30 AM, Nikki Giovanni/Javon Jackson Interview-The Jazz Disturbance Cheryl Symister Masterson-WPFW
  • 12 PM The Elaine, Arkansas Race Riots Dr. Robert Franklin, KPFT
  • 1 PM Historical Fact Under Attack-Esther Iverem-WPFW
  • 1:30 PM Is An Apology Enough-Fahima Seck WPFW (Psychological Assoc. Apology)
  • 2 PM Dr. Maya Angelou, Pacifica Archives 
  • 2:30 Kieth Kilgo-Verna Avery Brown, WPFW
  • 3 PM Greg Bridges-Protest Music, KPFA
  • 4 PM D Minor and Thomas J- The Last Poets Music, KPFA
  • 5 PM Harlem Connection- Malcolm X Dedication Music, WBAI
  • 6 PM Malcolm X Ballot or Bullet, Pacifica Archives
  • 7 PM From Negro History To Pan African..(VwV BHM)-Netfa and Brother Craig, WPFW