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“I Listen to KPFT nearly all the time.  I’m sending in a monthly donation on a sustaining basis.  Long live KPFT!”  (Listener Comment)

Our KPFT family will be asking everyone to donate to our Spring Fund Raising campaign that runs from, May 4th through May 28th.  We ask you to help the station to gather funds needed to navigate the airwaves through the start of August.  This means raising $150,000.

We hope that all that this note reaches will donate $5, $10 or $20 monthly.  This time around we are offering MEMORY BRICKS…   Bricks are 4×8 or 8×8.  We are asking for a $25 monthly sustaining member ship for the 4×8, and $50 per month for the 8×8.  You can engrave your brick your way…  The bricks will be placed in the plaza along the walkway to our front door.

If we get enough folks donating on this basis, future fund drives can be shortened or even eliminated.  Our funding comes from each of you!

Click that donate button or call 713-526-5738 [opt 1].   Below is a video of thank you gifts you can also get for your generous donation.


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