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If you’ve received an e-ballot in email and haven’t voted yet, you have until September 30 to do so.

You’ll receive a e-ballot reminders in the form of an email from Pacifica Foundation Inc <> with the subject line “Vote now: Pacifica Foundation Inc – 2023 Local Station Elections” until you cast your vote. You may also receive a SMS (text) message to your phone with a link to your e-ballot. Please make sure to check all of you folders (SPAM, Promotions, Social) as different email providers may categorize this email differently. Please use the link which will go directly to your e-ballot located at the bottom of the email after the station name.

If you requested a paper ballot, that should be in the mail to you within the next week. Please return it promptly when received.

If you voted already – thank you for your participation!

If you are a listener member at multiple stations, you were assigned to the station closest to you. If you received the wrong ballot (either station or type of ballot – listener or staff) please file a ballot request form. If you created a joint account at the time of your donation, your significant other should also receive a ballot, as a separate email or SMS message.
For more information visit and be sure to review the Voter Guide.
Contact the National Election Supervisor Renée Peñaloza for all questions and concerns regarding the election.